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Matzah and yemma

The top picture is matzah or unleavened bread. It’s what we eat instead of normal bread for the whole week of Passover. It’s crisp and dry. At the Seder Service it’s eaten with bitter herbs to remind us of the harsh lives of the Israelite slaves in Egypt.

During the week of the Festival, we eat matzah with butter, cheese, jam or best of all, a Portuguese/Jewish spread called yemma.

Yemma (in the lower photo) is made from egg yolks, fresh vanilla pods and sugar. From the ingredients you can see that this is not a slimming spread. But it is totally, amazingly delicious.

You can also use it as a filling for a flourless hazelnut cake.

If you’d like to know more, and how to make it, please click here: and it will take you to what I wrote a year ago. There’s also an article about the origins of this unusual spread.